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Bun for everyday occasions.

Dec 5, 2014

This hairstyle is suitable for long hair. If you do not have enough hair and want to have rich bun use a hair donut.

How to create a bun:

If you have long hair it will be easier for you to create a bun. If you have shorter or fine hair use hair donut.

1. Take you hair into a ponytail and use elastic band. If is the ponytail high or low depends only on you, but the ponytail basis hairstyle.

  • Without using a donut - backcomb your ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band. Then fix it with grips and hairspray
  • Using a donut - backcomb your ponytail and then pushed it through donut. Then wpar it around the donut and fix with grips. Use mirror and see if is whole donut under you hair. For the end fix it with hairspray.

TIP: For shiny hairstyle respray the finally look by glossy hairspray.

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