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Oil magic: The key to healthy and beautiful hair

Apr 25, 2024, Oli

Spring is a time of renewal and regeneration, and that goes for our hair too. After the winter season, when our hair is exposed to dry air and temperature fluctuations, spring is the ideal time to care for our tresses. One of the most effective ways to revitalize and strengthen your hair is to use oils. Hair oils offer a rich variety of natural ingredients that provide hair with the nourishment, hydration and protection it needs. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of using hair oils and the types of oils.

Role of Hair Oils:

In order to understand the importance of hair oils and the right choice of products, it is important to understand their role. Similar to oils for skin, those for hair are also meant to retain moisture. By locking in moisture, they prevent water from being lost from the hair too quickly. However, it's important to note that while oils seem like a panacea that will solve all problems, the reality is different. Whether it's olive, castor, coconut, argan, jojoba or another plant oil, each has its own characteristics and suitability for a particular hair type. They can be used as an intensive treatment before shampooing, as a final step after shampooing, or even as a styling product for smoothness and shine.

Benefits of hair oils:

Hydration and nutrition:

Oils are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that penetrate the hair fibre, moisturising and strengthening it. This helps prevent hair breakage and creates a smoother, shinier hair surface.


Many oils contain antioxidants and protective agents that protect hair from the damaging effects of UV rays, heat from blow-drying and styling tools. Due to their restorative properties, oils can also help repair damaged hair and split ends.

Calming and growth stimulation:

Some oils have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe an irritated scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Regular oil massage on the scalp can also improve blood circulation, resulting in better delivery of nutrients to the hair follicles.

Selected types of oils for different hair types:

1. For dry and damaged hair:

For those who suffer from dry and damaged hair, an oil that delivers deep hydration and restores hair structure is the ideal choice. Argan oil is an excellent choice here. It contains highly concentrated vitamins and antioxidants that hydrate the hair and prevent further damage. You can try from Matrix Total Results Food For Soft Oil serum, which is specifically designed for dry hair. Or how about a new product from Label.m Rejuvenating Radiance Oil? A brightening and rejuvenating hair oil that contains Moroccan argan oil and hyaluronic acid to nourish, regenerate and moisturize hair for long-lasting hydration.

2. For oily hair:

If you are prone to oily hair, you are looking for an oil that will add moisture to your hair without weighing down the scalp or leaving a greasy film. Light oils like jojoba oil are a great choice for oily hair. Jojoba oil is similar to the natural oils produced by the human skin and helps balance excess oil on the scalp without weighing down the hair. For example, we've selected System Professional LuxeOil Reconstructive Elixir, which will leave your hair 10x softer and give you 3x more keratin protection.

3. For curly or wavy hair:

Curly or wavy hair needs extra hydration and definition to prevent frizz and improve curl shaping. Coconut oil is great for defining and softening curls. Its lightweight texture penetrates the hair shaft, moisturizing it and helping to maintain definition. For example, try Revive 5 Hair Oil by Boucleme or Kérastase Curl Manifesto Huile Sublime Repair multi-purpose oil for curly hair.

4. For fine hair:

Fine hair needs an oil that adds volume and shine without weighing it down. Moringa oil is a great choice for fine hair. It contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen the hair fibers and add volume and shine. For example, from Biolage All-In-One we offer an oil that adds shine, increases manageability, deeply moisturizes and nourishes hair.

Correct duration of action and quantity:

The right time to use hair oils depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, there are certain situations and times when it is appropriate to use oils:

After Hair Wash: Oils can be used as the final step in your hair washing routine. Apply a small amount of oil to damp hair and gently rub it into the lengths and ends. This traps moisture and creates a protective layer that prevents hair from drying out.

Before Styling: Before using heat styling tools such as a hair dryer or flat iron, you can apply oil to your hair as a protective shield. The oil protects the hair from overheating and reduces the risk of damage.

Before Sleep: You can apply hair oil before bed as a night treatment. Apply it to damp or dry hair, rubbing into the lengths and ends. This will provide intense hydration and regeneration while you sleep

In terms of quantity, it is important to use the oil sparingly to avoid overloading your hair and feeling greasy. Just apply a small amount of oil, similar in size to a walnut, and gradually add as needed. It is always better to start with a smaller amount and add more if necessary than to use too much and have greasy hair

Don't forget:

In order to see results, oils need to be used regularly as part of your hair care routine, which can take time and effort. Spring hair regeneration using oils is a great way to restore shine and strength to your hair after the winter season.

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