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Why does hair fall out? + 8 tips how to reduce hair loss and thining hair

Oct 17, 2016

Why hair falling out and how to fight hair loss and hair tinning? + The best anti-hair loss products. Keep reading.

Hair loss is a natural part of hair reconstruction - each strand which falls out will be replaced. Excessive hair loss, causing loss of hair volume and thinning, must be solved.

Why Does Hair Fall Out?

The cause of hair loss can be different. For example hereditary disposition, drugs, diseases (thyroid, lupus, diabetes) or hormonal changes (e.g. pregnancy). However, excessive hair loss can also be caused by rough handling of hair.

Women Hair Loss

And just women hair loss is often caused bythe careless manipulation with their hair - especially frequent curling, ironing, coloring, decoloring and use of a lot of styling products. As a result of this burden, hair becomes thin, falls out more and thinning.

How Will I Know that My Hair Loss More than Normal?

50 to 100 hairs fall off daily but after washing up to 300 hairs may fall out. If the hair falls more than usual and large tufts of hair remain in your hands or on the comb, something is wrong. You will know it too when after waking up you will have to a lot of hair on your pillow. Or you can do a hair loss test → grasps about 15 hair in xour fingers and yank. If more than 6 hairs fall out it may be a warning signal. Hair loss is often accompanied by skin irritation, dandruff, flakes and also a change hair structure.

How to reduce hair loss?

1) Don't Use Poor Quality Hair Brushes

Use rather the of high quality hair brushes and combs, the best are brush with rounded bristles or natural bristles. Try also special Kérastase Hair Skincare Stimulating Comb for stimulate hair growth.

2) Reduce Frequent Hair Washing

Dry shampoos are good for delaying the washing process and you can use special anti-hair loss or anti-thinning products. A weightless and very gentle dry shampoo is Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Volume Boost Refresher which immediately lifts the hair from the roots and adds volume. Morover this shampoo has a silicone-free formula does not weigh down hair.

3) Too Hot Water Is Bad for Your Hair

Water shoul be neither hot or cold and also you should dry your hair very gently, preferably with a microfiber towel.

4) Reduce Hair Styling

Reduce blow-drying, curling, ironing and styling products. But if you can't be without styling, use only the bare essentials and remember proper selection and use → try to use the lowest degree of temperature on hair tools and choose styling products for fine hair.

5) Reduce Hair Coloring

Choose rather from professional colors, which have a more advanced technology, often do not contain ammonia and these colors are more friendly to hair. However, semi- and demi-permanent colours are the best.

6) Avoid Wearing Ponytail

Avoid wearing braids, dreadlocks, afro-braids and buns too often because too frequent hair entanglement can disrupt the hair fiber and hair can become damaged and begin to break. Try to use special hair bands (Invisibobble, Bellody orPapanga, that are more friendly to hair.

7) Fill Protein & Vitamins

Especially vitamin B (biotin) and B3, B5, B12 and iron are important for recovery hair growth because these vitamins support the formation of biotin, which stimulates hair growth. You can also try special nutritional supplements for hair RENE FURTERER VITALFAN Antichute acting against hair loss and hair thinning.

8) Relax

Regular exercise, getting enough sleep and drinking habits are also very important. A hair massage that stimulates scalp is also very effective.

The Best Hair Loss Products

The most effective form of external care for thinning hair are hair serums or masks in combination with professional shampoos and conditioners specially created to fight hair loss. The key factor is a regular application! But remember! The first visible results are visible after 3-4 months.

Glamot TIP for thinning hair

Do not underestimate the importance of the right cut, color and hairstyle. Sometimes a simple change part can even help can help! But avoid a middle part because it makes hair look thinner and dull. With a shorter haircut your hair will look volumized and will be less susceptible to loss. Also, the right choice of color can help. For example, try to choose a hair colour which matches your scalp.

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